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Raw Elements

(Vulcan Erotic Poetry)

That ancient voice

stirring from deep within

the suppressed animal

the faint memory of

who we once were:

beasts, no less,

tamed by pure will

and rational demand

But now the reins

are out of hand, instinct

takes over this animal body

with its animal needs

and furiously drives me on

my heart throbs wildly

with that ancient desire

for your carnal nearness

I move within a red haze

that is obscuring the view

but you I see so clearly

waiting there alone

you call me to you, with

that curl around your mouth

I stagger and subside

into that ancient cave

Where the fires burn hot

and the crude elements

return to their bare essences

I sweat and on the beat

of the drum that is my heart

I lose myself completely

The animal set free, sublimated,

once more to his Vulcan dignity.

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© 2008 Ingrid van der Voort

Muses Incorporated

Muses Incorporated

Uit: Weerklank en Verzoening

Zwenkende zwermen
van transparant bewijs
waar de ogen van het begrip
een water eenvoudigweg als water drinken.
Het universum rijmt met zichzelf,
het ontvouwt zich en is twee, is veel
zonder op te houden één te zijn.

Octavio Paz; Weerklank en verzoening

© 1998 Ingrid van der Voort